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Freanne.j was founded by local designer Jayla in 2019. We collect unforgettable jewellery from all over the world and create the custom-made products. Our jewellery is mainly about pearl, crystal and flower with 18K gold plated. We love minimalism, “newtro” (modernized retro) design style and believe our products are easy to match in the daily life. It is a must-have item for modern women. We keep a distance from the high price of luxury goods. Freanne.j supports and works closely with different local handcraft designers and potential local brands. We share the most unique and story-telling jewellery with everyone.

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Last but not least, there are 5 more local hand-made brands in our retail store.

Freanne.j 是由本地設計師及品牌創辦人 Jayla 由 2019年起創立 亦有專屬為客人創作的手作飾物致力精心收集世界各地低調而一見難忘的首飾,品牌的首飾大多數為金色、珍珠、能量石及與花卉有關,為現代而追求簡約主義及 “Newtro” (modernized retro) 新代復古風格的女性配搭必備單品。我們的設計容易配搭而令欣賞者感到共鳴,我們與奢侈品必然價格高的道理保持距離。Freanne.j 正與不同本地手作設計師或具在潛質的本地牌子合作,並把最獨特和最有故事性的首飾與大家分享。

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